Free Background Checks – Where Do I Start?

by registry and gov records on September 10, 2010

Free Background ChecksFree Background Checks – Where Do I Start? Start with what you know – a name, a date of birth, and address, a social security number, a license plate number, whatever you can. Any of these will work to get your search moving forward to get someones true identity. Once you have these key things to identifying the person you can turn to one or more of the resources or strategies below.

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Telephone book always look here first, the phone book is still pretty fat. He or she may only list his or her name and phone number, but it’s a start right. If you can find the address you can make your job that much easier. If your going to do a full background check make sure you look in the old phone books and directories too.

Your Phone company may have them as well. Sometimes they’re at the local or regional library, the historical society, a genealogy library close by you, or even your local chamber of commerce. You could also try your state library may also have a collection of old directories. How about crisscross directories or reverse directories. These kind of books are usually sorted by address and phone numbers not by names.

Maybe find out who their neighbors were, and what they might have to say about the person. If anybody can give you the story, most of the time you can get one or two neighbors to give up some great information. Maybe a bitter girlfriend or boyfriend. A relative that they owe money too. You could check the local registry or registrar of voters to see if they are listed there.

Or you could do a search for free background checks online and see if you can get some great details or get their criminal history reports from the past 10 to 15 years ago. I think this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get the best information on someone.

Now, you could also go down to the their local state county clerks office and spend a half of a day there, and pay them to give you what they have, this is usually the last resort I would think. But keep in mind the state clerks offices are only for Felony type cases, People whom you would like to have a full criminal background check done on, not misdemeanors.

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